b'Page 4 WJA High Pressure Water Jetting CourseAt the start of the year, CISTC introduced WJA High Pressure Water Jetting as a new course delivered at our centre in partnership with Jetmasters Ltd. The Water Jetting Association (WJA) is the main provider of water jetting training in the UK. The entry-level course is Water Jetting Safety Awareness. This is amandatory one-day class-based course covering all main areas of water jetting operation and safety, including types of water jetting, water pressure and flow rates, risk assessment, and the use of safety clothing. At the end of the course, delegates must pass a 20-question multiple choice questionnaire. The Water Jetting Safety Awareness course must be retaken every three years to retain registration with the WJA. We strongly recommend that operatives should combine the Water Jetting Safety Awareness course with a relevant practical course toobtain the most thorough instruction in safe and effective water jetting.Is your card expiring soon? Please contact our Team to book an our next available course.'