SA001 Overhead Safety Specification

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    From £450 +VAT

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    Smart Awards Course

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    Smart Awards, Overhead Safety, Pole Checking, Joint User Poles, Ladder Safety, Wooden Poles, Telecommunications

  • Duration:

    3 Day Course

Course Description

This qualification covers three modules: Overhead Safety, Pole checking and Joint user Poles. It provides learners with the knowledge and skills of the hazards and potential risks involved in working safely on ladders and wooden poles in a telecommunications environment.

Course content

  • Be able to work safely
  • Be able to access a pole using a ladder
  • Know relevant health and safety legislation and industry good practice
  • Know how to access a pole using a ladder
  • Know how to carry out pole checking
  • Know how to work safely on joint user poles


This qualification is available to anyone over the age of 16 who is capable of reaching the required standard. There are no barriers that restrict access or progression thereby promoting equal opportunity. It is expected however that learners will have a level of literacy adequate to cope with the assessment.

Expectations at level 2

Achievement reflects ability to select and use relevant knowledge, ideas, skills and procedures to complete well-defined tasks and address straightforward problems. It includes taking responsibility for completing tasks and procedures and exercising autonomy and judgement subject to overall direction or guidance.