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NPORS Courses
  • NPORS Courses CISTC Vehicle Marshall
  • Confined Spaces Training Course
  • A58 360 Excavator Below 10 Tonnes CPCS Course
  • NPORS Courses CISTC Slinger Training
  • NPORS Courses CISTC Chainsaw
  • 360 Excavator

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    Traditional 5 Year Card or CSCS NPORS Card

NPORS can be conducted at our accredited centre or if your site is suitable we can come and deliver the training at your premises

A full list of categories covered by CISTC is listed below:

Agricultural Tractor – (N601)Forward Tipping Dumper (N204)Plant Loader and Securer (N120)
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) – (N608)Generator (N506)Rail Handler – Ironman (N504)
Appointed Persons Lifting Operations – (N401)Grass Cutters/Mowers (N604)Reach Truck (N003)
Bench Saw – (N302)Gritter and Snowplough (N802)Rear Dump Truck (N205)
Cable Avoidance Tool – (N304)Hoise (N111b)Road Planner (N216)
Chainsaw – Maintenance & Cross Cutting – (N602)Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck (Noo1)Road Roller (N214)
Chipper – (N244)Industrial Telescopic Handler (N011)Road Sweeper (N217)
Circular Saw – (N303)Load and Secure Excavator up to 5T (N124)Rough Terrain Lift Truck (N009)
Concrete Pump – (N211)Loader Compressor (N206)Screener (N208)
Confined Spaces (N702)Loading Shovel (N209)Skid steer Loader (N212)
Construction Safety Awareness (S001)Lorry Loader (N107)Skip Lorries (N219)
Container Handler (N012)Lorry Mounted Lift Truck (N004)Slinger – Signaller (N402)
Crane Supervisor (N405)Material Re-handler 360 (N722)Static Concrete Placing Boom (N721)
Crawler Crane (N103)MEWP Boom (N108)Telescopic Handler (N010)
Crusher (N207)MEWP Scissor Lift (N109)Tower Crane (N102)
Dozer (N215)Mobile Crane (N101)Tower Crane Remote Control (N115)
Excavator 180 (N201)Mobile Towers (N706)Trencher (N203)
Excavator 360 (N226)Overhead Container Gantry Crane (N114)Vehicle Banksman (N403)
Excavator as a Crane (N100)Overhead Crane (N104)

Established in 1992, NPORS is one of the UK’s leading accreditation and registration bodies, working across the construction, industrial, utilities, warehousing and distribution, agricultural, ports and marine sectors.

NPORS offers experienced worker assessment, as well as novice worker courses and CISTC works using NPORS course ratio guidelines. Candidates will be profiled to ensure they are put on the correct length of training course for their experience.

NPORS now have 2 types of cards available

Traditional 5 Year carda 5-year card renewable by assessment at expiry
CSCS NPORS cardAn operator will be issued with a trained operator card after an assessment which is valid for 2 years and requires an NVQ to upgrade to a 5-year Competent operator card after sufficient onsite experience is gained. An in-date Operatives Health and Safety test is required to gain the card with CSCS LogoRead more - NPORS CSCS Card

To discuss the different options and courses available call a member of the team on 01252 855433