CPCS A12 Excavator 180 Training Course

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Course Details

  • Cost:

    From £850+VAT

  • Category:

    CPCS Course

  • Tags:

    CPCS, A12, 180 Excavator Above 5 Tonnes, Excavator

  • Skills:

    Red Card

Course Description

This 180 Excavator training course ensures that candidates are plant trained in using a 180-degree Excavator, either below or above 5 tonnes depending on the training chosen. The course content provides the skills and experience that is essential to work efficiently when using this vehicle.

  • For all CPCS categories, the CPCS theory test is a verbal questions and answer session which will take approximately an hour to complete.
  • The practical test for the 180 degree Excavator (A12) course must be completed within two hours and twenty minutes.

The CPCS practical 180 Excavator training courses consist of the candidate using the machine to complete a variety of activities and manoeuvres including excavating and moving loads.

Course content

  • Operate the 180° wheeled excavator
  • safely and productively
  • Fit and operate ancillary equipment
  • Site the machine safely and efficiently
  • Carry out minor adjustments and routine servicing procedures
  • Prepare the machine for travelling on the public highway
  • Understand the capabilities, purposes and limitations of each machine
  • Follow all necessary safety precautions
  • Interpret the information provided by level pegs and profiles
  • Be aware of the necessary routine adjustments and service procedures, and carry them out
  • Work to levels with the aid of laser equipment.

Foundation/Novice – (7 Days) From £2100+VAT

Experienced Worker – (2 Days) From £850+VAT


A good level of written and spoken English is required to successfully complete this course. If you have any concerns regarding this please contact our office and we discuss available options (e.g. hiring a translator at an additional cost).

What is awarded after completion of the course?:

Once the course has been completed candidates will be eligible to receive a CPCS Red Trained Operator Card.

CITB Grants

On all the CPCS and CITB courses that we offer, you can claim money back if you are a ‘CITB Levy Payer‘. If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

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