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    3 Year Certificate

Course Description

This Quick Hitch Training Course is suitable for operators and supervisors who have received no formal training and also for those wishing to refresh their skills. In addition, the course will enable delegates to recognise the risks associated with quick hitch devices and how to use them safely.

Quick Hitch Training Course Details

  • Identify the risks associated with quick-hitch devices.
  • Fit and operate ancillary equipment.
  • Describe the operator’s legal duties regarding the use of quick hitches.
  • Describe and apply safe working practices for the use of quick hitches.
  • Connect and disconnect attachments safely.
  • Know when to and also how to conduct visual inspections of all the equipment.
  • Maintain the quick-hitch equipment.
  • Test connections appropriately.
  • Finally teaching the importance of following the manufacturer’s specifications for use.

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