Course Description

This is a EUSR Excavation Safety Category 3, 4 & 5 Course.

This EUSR Excavation safety course introduces the learner to the theoretical and practical dangers of excavation work. The course will run for 3 days and will cover 3 categories:

  • Category 3 – Install, Inspect and Remove Timber Shoring Systems.
  • Category 4 – Install, Inspect and Remove Steel Shoring Systems.
  • Category 5 – Install, Inspect and Remove Proprietary Shoring Systems.


On this course, you will learn to identify the dangers and hazards associated with working in excavations. Learn to differentiate between soil types and conditions, and recognise suitable ground retention systems. You will also, carry out risk assessments unique to excavations. Recognise any hazards, and implement control measures for those hazards. Be able to safely install, remove and inspect steel shoring equipment.

What you will receive.

  • Practical experience with proprietary, timber & steel shoring equipment including the installation of shallow trench and small hydraulic frame, push and dig with two frames and the
    installation of a trench box.
  • Professionally delivered training by qualified trainers to a minimum level of PTLLS or L3 Award in Education & Training.


How do I get a EUSR Card?

Registration is based on successful completion of the training and assessment. Following training, the EUSR approved trainer will apply to register the trainee. EUSR cards are issued within 28 days of receipt of the necessary completed paperwork and payment. Operatives are issued with a cover note following training to confirm completion of the training and assessment while they wait for their card to be issued. The training session is expected to last for approximately one working day and comprises a trainer led presentation and assessment. Trainees will be called upon to share their experiences and thoughts throughout, to build on the course material.

CSCS Affiliation
The Utility SHEA (Power) scheme is affiliated with the CSCS to allow industry workers access to construction sites for purposes of utilities work without the need to complete a separate CSCS card.

Registration and card supply costs are £28.50 + VAT

Please note: the registration gained from the transition route will expire 3 years after the initial course.

If you have any questions please contact us for more information.