CISTC – Bespoke Training

If you have sites where CPCS accreditation isn’t required, we can deliver bespoke in-house or off-site training at your premises.

Bespoke training courses can be a cost-effective way of training your employees. We can deliver group sessions either at your site or at our centre, whichever is convenient to you. The training will be delivered by one of our experienced trainers and employees will receive a card from us to show they have been trained to operate the plant safely. Please note, these cards would not suffice on sites where an accredited ticket is required, but would show the HSE and insurers that formal training has been conducted. In-house tickets are valid for 3 years.

Our trainers teach your employees:

  • General site safety – how to comply with the construction industry’s rules and regulations.
  • Inspections – how to inspect a vehicle prior to using it for work purposes.
  • Use – how to safely and effectively use the machine.
  • Shutting down – how to safely shut the machine off and secure it after its use.

Contact us for more information or to book one of our trainers.