Course Description

This A60 Mobile Crane CPCS Course will teach you how to operate a mobile crane safely and productively.

You gain the CPCS trained operator card (red card) on passing the CPCS technical test at the end of the course.

Cost from £POA (Novice Worker)
Cost from £1,250+VAT (Experienced Worker)

A60 Mobile Crane Course Details

  • Operate mobile cranes safely and productively
  • Respond to recognized crane signals accurately
  • Position the crane correctly
  • Alter jib lengths and associated safety devices
  • Carry out minor adjustments and routine maintenance
  • Understand duties charts
  • Programme safe-load indicators
  • Understand the basic theory of power units, transmission systems and control systems
  • Understand the effects of radius change on the safe working capacity
  • Observe statutory regulations and Codes of Practice
  • Gauge the effect of shock loading on structural strength, stability and load displacement
  • Recognise the principles of safe slinging, the types and capacities of chains, slings and lifting gear
  • Understand the safe use of outriggers
  • Be aware of transport regulations and how to prepare to go on the public highway
  • Preparing an area with exclusion zones
In addition, you will need to undertake a level Health & Safety test within 2 years.


CITB Grants

On all the CPCS and CITB courses that we offer, you can claim money back if you are a ‘CITB Levy Payer’. If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

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